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Strength Enhancement Peptide Hormones Bodybuilding Sermorelin Acetate

Customer Reviews
The discreet packing is perfect. Looking forward to ongoing business with you. Hopefully my business starts to boom again and orders are constant !

—— Pawel From UK

The package made it today!!!! Thanks so much!!!! It didn't open it yet, just took it out of the box. What part has the raw powder? You are awesome

—— Cox from USA

Your best price and quality raws is so competitive in my country, this help me make much profit, my customers really like it. Thanks for the tracking

—— Jame from Australia

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Strength Enhancement Peptide Hormones Bodybuilding Sermorelin Acetate

China Strength Enhancement Peptide Hormones Bodybuilding Sermorelin Acetate supplier
Strength Enhancement Peptide Hormones Bodybuilding Sermorelin Acetate supplier Strength Enhancement Peptide Hormones Bodybuilding Sermorelin Acetate supplier Strength Enhancement Peptide Hormones Bodybuilding Sermorelin Acetate supplier

Large Image :  Strength Enhancement Peptide Hormones Bodybuilding Sermorelin Acetate

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: wumeitech
Certification: USP, BP, EP
Model Number: 86168-78-7

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 vial
Price: Negotiated
Packaging Details: Professional discreet package, Foil bag or as your demand
Delivery Time: Within 24 hours after payment
Payment Terms: Western Union, Bank Transfer , MoneyGram, Bitcoin
Supply Ability: Plenty In Stock (New Batch)
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Detailed Product Description
Spefication: 2mg/vial Synonyms: Sermorelin Acetate Hydrate, GRF 1-29 NH2
CAS No.: 86168-78-7 M F: C149H246N44O42S
M W: 3357.88 Usage: Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitor

Strength Enhancement Peptide Hormones Bodybuilding Sermorelin Acetate



Sermorelin Details:


Sermorelin Spefication 2mg/vial
Sermorelin Synonyms Sermorelin acetate hydrate, GRF 1-29 NH2
Sermorelin CAS No. 86168-78-7
Sermorelin M F C149H246N44O42S
Sermorelin M W 3357.88
Sermorelin Usage Xanthine oxidase inhibitor
Sermorelin MOQ 1 vial



Sermorelin Introduction




Purity (HPLC): 98.0%min.

Appearance: White powder

Molecular Formula: C149H246N44O42S

Molecular Weight: 3357.96

Single Impurity (HPLC): 1.0%max

Amino Acid Composition: ±10% of theoretical

Peptide Content (N%): ≥80.0%

Water Content (Karl Fischer): ≤8.0%

Acetate Content (HPIC): ≤12.0%

MS (ESI): Consistent

Specific Rotation (20/D): -80.0~-90.0°(c=0.5 1%HAc)

Mass Balance: 95.0~105.0%




Sermorelin / Sermorelin Acetate is a truncated analog of a growth hormone releasing factor GRF 1-44 that is naturally produced by the brain to stimulate pituitary production of human growth hormone. The increased volume of human growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland causes an increase in the production of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 by the liver and results in the benefits of treatment provided to the adult patient.


Sermorelin / Sermorelin acetate is the acetate salt of an amidated synthetic 29-amino acid peptide that corresponds to the amino-terminal segment of the naturally occurring human growth hormone releasing hormone consisting of 44 amino acid residues. It stimulates the pituitary gland to naturally produce increased amounts of human growth hormone.


Sermorelin / Sermorelin acetate shares similar structure to CJC-1295, is a bio-identical synthetic hormone that is extremely effective in increasing the amount of HGH. Sermorelin acetate is a recently synthesized (man-made) peptide analogue of growth hormone releasing hormone a naturally occurring hormone that is produced in the hypothalamus and stimulates and controls the production of growth hormone within the pituitary gland.



Application & Effects


Sermorelin / Sermorelin acetate has a wide range of positive effects. Due to its nature as a GHRH, sermorelin only increases the body's ability to produce more growth hormone, it is not an injection of growth hormone itself. In both a performance enhancing and general well-being sense, sermorelin has a wide array of benefits that make it a powerful and valuable substance.


Postive Effects:


1) Sermorelin Strengthens the heart, Enhances the immune system
2) Sermorelin Increases IGF-1 production

3) Sermorelin Increases the development of lean body mass through the development of new muscle cells, Reduces body fat through lipolysis, Increases calcium retention, and strengthens and increases the mineralization of bone or bone density.
4) Sermorelin Increases energy and vitality
5) Sermorelin Increases strength and endurance
6) Sermorelin Accelerates healing from wounds or surgery
7) Improves sleep quality

Side Effects:


Sermorelin common side effects include pain, swelling, and/or redness at the injection site.

These side effects usually do not require medical attention. Less common are itching and trouble swallowing. As with any peptide, allergic reactions can occur


Strength Enhancement Peptide Hormones Bodybuilding Sermorelin Acetate




No. Peptides mg/vial MOQ
1 GHRP-6 5mg 1 vial
10mg 1 vial
2 Ipamorelin 2mg 1 vial
3 Hexarelin 2mg 1 vial
4 Sermorelin 2mg 1 vial
5 Oxytocin 2mg 1 vial
6 TB500 2mg 1 vial
7 Pentadecapeptide BPC 157 2mg 1 vial
8 HGH Fragment 176-191 2mg 1 vial
9 Triptorelin 2mg 1 vial
10 Tesamorelin 2mg 1 vial
11 Gonadorelin 2mg 1 vial
12 DSIP 2mg 1 vial
13 Selank 5mg 1 vial
14 Follistatin 344 1mg 1 vial
15 ACE 031 1mg 1 vial
16 GDF-8 1mg 1 vial
17 Epitalon 10mg 1 vial



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Answer to The Questions:


No. 1 How can I be sure the powder contains right substances? We can offer you the cretificate of analysis of products and HPLC,Besides, After Receiving the goods, you can send it to detect, or buy a test kit steroid, detect it yourself.
No. 2 What's the guarantees that you will send items after payment The feedback from customers:
Tracking Number: EA259320985HK.
Yes,i have recieved it,really fast,good job,thanks.
-----David from US
We are regular company, we guarantee that after the receipt of your payment we will arrange the shipment within 24 hours , and provide the tracking number, you can keep track of it.
No. 3 What kind of payments does you support? Bank transfer, Western Union, Money Gram and Bitcion are accepted.
No. 4 What’s the MOQ? Generally speaking, the MOQ is 10 gram, but we also can provide you samples for quality inspection.
No. 5 Do you charge for the samples? According to our company policy, we just charge the samples based on EXW price. And we will return the samples fee during the next order.
No. 6 Can you packing according to customers' requirements? Sure,we will adopt safe and discreet package.If you have a request for packing, please tell us,Any good ideas are welcomed.
No. 7 Do you have a seizure policy?

Yes. Although our delivered rate is high to 98%.

For long term cooperation, Please contact us or leave messages.

No. 8 What if there is mistake or objection between us?

Please keep calm and contact us for further will get a better result.

Negative reviews or ultra abuse before communication and then expecting us to solve your problem is not a wise step


Strength Enhancement Peptide Hormones Bodybuilding Sermorelin Acetate


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